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2023-05-16 CE Exam Day
Tuesday, May 16, 8:30am - 10:30 am



As a thank you to all of our members and local partners, the South Jersey Chapter of the SFSP is offering State Insurance Super CE to all our members at 8:30am on Tuesday, May 16th at Lincoln Investments in Marlton.


The cost of the exam is free for local members and $50 for anyone who is not a member but would like to take advantage of this offer. (Please make payment on or before May 15th)


In order to take part in the exam, you will need your name, NPN/CFP Numbers and email address. Once you have the requested information, please click the link below to register.




On the day of the exam, please bring your own fully-charged Laptop, as you will need it to take the exam that day. Please note that you will need a disinterested party to sign your attestation form for the state of NJ.


Once you have passed the exam, you will receive ALL of your state CE credits, as well as 15 CFP credits. Please note: CFP Ethics credits are NOT included and must be obtained separately. 


We look forward to seeing you, and hope this help you stay successful in your current roles.


Thank you for the partnership.

Questions?  Call us at 317-844-6268.

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