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Local Pass vs National FSP

Which membership is best for you?

National Option

Regular membership is $540/yr “All In”.  What you get:

  • Attend all 10 of our monthly events

  • Meet other Advisor Practitioners, Attorneys, CPA’s, Wealth Managers, etc.

  • Access to our Newsletter and social networking events. (Yes they’re back!!)

  • Full access to all of National’s resources—The Journal, Webinars, Benefits, Website, Chat Room, etc.


Local Option

The Local Only Season Pass costs $240/yr ($20/mo auto deduct from your credit card) .  This is a 55% discount from the National option and gives you all the above EXCEPT access to National’s resources. So you DO NOT GET: The Journal, National Webinars, Benefits, Website, Chat Room, etc... They are each available now on a “A La Carte” basis through FSPgo.

Need help deciding? Please reach out to our Membership Chair for more details!

Chapter Membership Chair: Scott Gutman at

About South Jersey's Local Pass Membership

Why have we created this Local Only category?

Local Pass is an alternative to a full FSP National Membership saving you 55%.

The Local Only Season Pass includes access to all 10 of our monthly events, a community with other Advisor Practitioners, Attorneys, CPA’s, Wealth Managers, etc., access to our Newsletter and social networking events. 

We heard from many of our members that they rarely had time to use the tools and resources provided by National. Since National instituted “FSPgo” last year which allows anyone (no membership required) to buy their resources “A-La-Carte”, this new category seemed like a natural option for those that want to pick and choose what they are using.

National Financial Service Professionals

FSP National Membership is purchased and managed through our National office. 

For more information contact Member Services at 800-392-6900 or at

​FSP is the best of both worlds: an organization with national reach and impact, and dozens of local chapters and communities

FSP provides resources and knowledge that help grow your business and elevate your level of expertise and service Authoritative publications:

  • Journal of Financial Service Professionals— groundbreaking articles and original research across the spectrum of financial services.

  • Sections Newsletters— focused on your particular area of interest/specialty.

  • Professional online library: convenient resource for researching broad range of subjects across the financial sector.​

  • Mobile access to FSP resources, publications.

  • National education events—with renowned faculty offering content that can improve your practice and elevate your level of client service immediately

  • Nationally hosted webinars are free to all members

  • Journal Live Programs-- Conversations with Journal Authors (conference call conversations about hot topics, FREE to all members)

  • Archived online programs


FSPgo is a National database that provides resources on an "A La Carte" basis.

Please click the button below to be redirected to that site.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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