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Why FSP?

A Multidisciplinary Network of South Jersey's finest Credentialed Financial Professionals serving the community's financial service needs since 1955.

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Focus on building networks, connections--relationships

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Multidisciplinary organization—many disciplines/credentials represented

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Deliver high-quality, practical education

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Commitment to highest level of ethical client service



Ask the question “why?” of anyone, as it relates to their choice of friends, relationships, favorites, preferences or personal choices and you’ll get a wide variety of responses.  However, if you listen carefully you will begin to get an understanding of the respondent’s character and values.  If you ask the same question, such as the above, of many individuals you will also get a feel for the organization and the value it provides to its members.  Here are some responses from members of the South Jersey Chapter and our colleagues across the nation.


Jo-Ann Massanova, CLU, ChFC, CPC  – “. . . my involvement and excitement with the organization increased as I worked on committees and with the Board.  I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie with others and the diversity of our membership . . . working with members I have developed relationships that I probably would not have otherwise had the opportunity to create.  I am constantly impressed with the expertise of our members in their various disciplines.”


Dale A. Vetter, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, AEP  –  “. . . when I started my own practice, I wanted to be among the best financial planners in southern New Jersey.  I wanted to ‘fly with the eagles’ and I found the ‘eagles’ all nested in the Society of FSP.  In the South Jersey Chapter, I found a diversity of practitioners and a fountain of available knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else.  This fount of friendship and knowledge expands exponentially as you participate in webinars, video teleconferences and national meetings .  You develop important lifetime friendships with professional colleagues across the nation, who stand ready to help you solve problems.  The secret is getting involved and developing quality friendships that provide you with all the professional back-up you need to become an ‘eagle.'”


George G. Bradley, CLU, ChFC – “. . . what I find most valuable from my membership in the SFSP-SJC is the quality of the education coupled with the diversity of the membership.”


John J. Meyer, CLU, ChFC, AEP, New Orleans, LA – ”As I wrapped up my tenth and final CLU course 30 years ago, I eagerly looked forward to joining the Society as it represented the pinnacle of professional success.  I was thrilled to become a member then, and today that passion has grown along with the Society that now encompasses many disciplines and designations.  The past three decades have provided many great experiences, wonderful friendships and the ability to learn and grow that would not have occurred otherwise.”


April Caudill, J.D., CLU, ChFC, AEP, Milwaukee, WI – “I am a Society member because I want to hang out with the best and brightest in our profession.  It’s all about professional excellence.”


Virginia Tanner Harriett, CFP® - “I initially joined the SFSP-SJ Chapter for the CE credits and I remain a member because I look forward to the excellent speakers who present on a variety of relevant financial topics, that I don’t get through my broker/dealer.  I also enjoy the networking and friendships that I have made over the years with “like-minded” financial professionals.”


Martin H. Abo, CPA - “I know what I don’t know, but, even better, I know who knows what I don’t know. That said, how more fitting in describing my experience with SFSP. I’m always excited to interact and count as friends/colleagues so many of the professionals I’ve gotten to know through this group. My membership and active involvement has been quite a professionally rewarding experience to gain such insight from all the various disciplines gathered.”

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