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2023-06-08 CE Social Event
Tuesday, May 16, 8:30am - 10:30 am



A social event is scheduled for June 8 at Double Nickel Brewing Co.

The event will take place at Double Nickel in Pennsauken, New Jersey on route 73 we have negotiated the following. 


* no rental fee for lounge. 

* they do not serve food so we are allowed to bring in food non-alcoholic, beverages, and wine. They also do not have ice so we need to bring ice if necessary.

* they serve spirits and beer, and the beer is seven dollars per token, which includes tax and gratuity

* we have estimated a budget for between $800.00 - 1,000 for this event. 


Obviously, the purpose of this event is to develop camaraderie between our members, and also hopefully bolster our membership so we would hope that everyone can bring some new potential members that evening. 

Questions?  Call us at 317-844-6268.

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